Hi there, I’m Pharoh - creator of PeckerPacker. From the moment I learned what a foreskin was, I really wished I had one. I didn’t know why, but I felt incomplete without it… probably because part of me was missing! The past few years of my life have been focused on self-improvement and I have to admit, I’ve definitely made progress. But there’s still something missing.

I’ve read about foreskin restoration many times over the past few years and have been intrigued, but skeptical. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a few Reddit communities that I decided to take the first step: the canister method. It worked okay, but I couldn’t stand the tape on my skin or the elastic tension down my leg. I couldn’t quite find a device I was willing to wear all day, so I created my own!

Everyone should have their very own device, regardless of income or living arrangement. Check out our blog for a tutorial on how to create one of your own with everyday, inexpensive items.  If you’re ready for a professionally made, affordable, innovative PeckerPacker, visit our store.