Pharoh's Tugger

Start by finding an old medicine bottle. I used an old prescription bottle from the pharmacy. Soak for a day in water OR use adhesive remover to get rid of the label. Cut the bottom off with a small saw or rotary tool.

Next, use coarse grit sandpaper in a circular motion to smooth out uneven edges.

Sand at an angle to smooth and remove burrs.

Wrap sanded edges in medical tape. You can do electric tape before the medical tape to make it a bit softer.

Drill 2 holes in the cap. These will be used to tie a string through.

To use, put the taped end over the tip of the penis and roll your foreskin over it. Tape over skin to secure. Tip: try applying tape sticky side out before rolling skin over. It helps to hold the skin while applying tape.

Cap the bottle and you've got a tugger! Tie the other end of the string to a strap or knee brace. You can easily remove the cap to use the restroom.

As an alternative, you could drill holes in the cylinder instead of the cap, and cut off the screw cap and sand.

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