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Updated: Apr 2


I understand it can be a bit confusing to understand a new product - what everything is for, what is necessary or optional, and what is best for you. This article should clear things up a bit.

Everything is sold a-la-carte on the website. This enables customers to pick and choose EXACTLY what they want to purchase. Inventory is set to a limited amount on purpose - that way customers aren't waiting indefinitely for their orders.


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The Basics

The PeckerPacker device is the core of the system. It can be used either as a retainer OR restoration device - so you can scratch one item off the shopping list. To retain, use the PeckerPacker alone or with the Packer kit. The Tug Kit can also be used to either fasten to clothing or to help conceal the device.

The PeckerPacker device can be combined with a compression sleeve to act as a restoration device. The sleeve helps hold everything in place so the device does not slip off unexpectedly.

Remember: To retain, you only need the PeckerPacker. To restore, you need the PeckerPacker device PLUS the Compression Sleeve.



The PeckerPacker device and Compression Sleeve are great on their own, but they really shine with accessories. They come in four flavors: Packer Kit, Tug Kit, Air Kit, and Weight Kit. Accessories attach via the hookup on the PeckerPacker. The PeckerPacker device and Compression sleeve ARE NOT included in any accessory purchase.

  • Packer Kit: Three packers, 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm tall

  • Tug Kit: 1 tug attachment, 10ft bungee cord, 5 cord clips (Pictured leg strap NOT included)

  • Air Kit: Hand pump, 3ft silicone tubing, 2x one-way valves (one to use, one is spare)

  • Weight Kit: 5x surgical steel nuts, 5ft bungee cord, 2 cord locks, silicone weight strap

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