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Updated: Apr 2

  • Please follow all instructions carefully. We strive for safe, effective products but YOU are responsible for personal safety.

  • Wash devices with antibacterial soap before first use and after each use.

  • Sanitize equipment in boiling water for 2-3 minutes if desired.

  • Store in a clean, dry place away from chemicals, moisture, and sharp objects.

  • Apply to clean, dry, skin only. Do not apply to broken or irritated skin. Creams can cause the device to slip. Bacteria can cause health issues including urinary tract infection or rash.

  • ‘Stretching’ or ‘creeping’ sensations are normal - pain is not. Discontinue use IMMEDIATELY for several hours if experiencing pain.

  • Taking periodic breaks allows skin to rest and heal from stretching. Pay attention to your body and take an hour-long break every few hours.

  • We do not employ medical professionals. Please consult your Primary Care Provider for medical advice.

The PeckerPacker device is used alone to retain. Add Compression Sleeve and accessories for the tension needed for restoration.


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PeckerPacker Restoration/Retaining Device

  1. Flip Outer Sleeve up.

  2. Align glans with inner cone.

  3. Roll foreskin over inner cone.

  4. Flip outer sleeve down.


Compression Sleeve

  1. Ensure flared end is facing you.

  2. Stretch sleeve onto PeckerPacker.

  3. Pull flared end to position over PeckerPacker (or stretch from inside). Hold on to the accessory hookup on the PeckerPacker for leverage.

  4. Bottom of sleeve should be 1-2 cm below device.

Alternative Placement: sleeve may be turned around for additional comfort if not using Air Kit. This puts less tension on the skin.


Device Removal

  1. Remove all accessories from the accessory hookup.

  2. Grip the flared end of the Compression Sleeve.

  3. Pull the Compression Sleeve up and off of the PeckerPacker.

  4. Lift the outer sleeve of the PeckerPacker to fully remove.


Tug Kit

  1. Stretch center hole onto accessory hookup on PeckerPacker.

  2. Fasten bungee cord to knee brace, tactical belt, elastic band, et cetera and tighten.

  3. Alternatively, bungee cord can be pulled around leg loosely to help conceal device while using the Air or Packer Kits.


Packer Kit

  1. Place packer under PeckerPacker's inner cone.

  2. Place over glans. May be stacked with more packers if desired.

  3. Pull up foreskin and apply device as usual. Compression sleeve not necessary if simply retaining.


Weight Kit

  1. Add weights by twisting strap into opening.

  2. Stretch hole over accessory hookup.

  3. Loosely secure bungee cord around leg to reduce swinging if desired.


Air Kit

  1. Insert one-way valve into accessory hookup (pointed side facing in).

  2. Attach air pump. Squeeze slowly! Take a few seconds between squeezes to prevent blow-out.

  3. Grip the compression sleeve by making an "OK" sign around it. Hold tightly. This helps prevent slipping during inflation.

  4. Stop inflation once skin balloon is slightly firm, but not hard. Do not overinflate, as this can cause slippage or injury.

  5. To release air for comfort or at session end, squeeze one side of accessory hookup groove.

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