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PeckerPacker offers several sizes ranging from 25mm to 45mm to fit just about any pecker. Not all products in the store require sizing. Air Kit, Weight Kit, and Tug Kit are universal fit across the product line. The PeckerPacker Device, Compression Sleeve, and Packer Kit need to all be the same size to work together. This is very important.


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What size am I?

Good question! Let's start by saying we do not care about length - we care about width. To find your width, place a ruler across the widest part of the glans (or head) of the penis while flaccid. Measure in millimeters - and be honest! Be sure not to squish the penis down, as this will give you a bigger result. Notice I found the largest part of the glans in the first pic and in the second pic, I'm about 35mm across.

If you are between 5mm increment sizes, make sure to get the next size DOWN when purchasing.

Measured 43mm? Buy a 40mm set.

Measured 28mm? Buy a 25mm set.

Measured 35mm? Buy a 35mm set.

If you buy a set that's too large for you, you might have trouble getting it on.


What size is my existing equipment?

Already purchased something and want to purchase extra/replacement parts? It would really suck to order the wrong size and have it not work. Luckily, there's an easy measurement technique for each part.

For the PeckerPacker device, measure the base of the inner cone. For Packer Kit, measure the width of the packer as a whole. And for the Compression Sleeve, measure the hole in the sleeve. All three are sized 35mm in the photos below.

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