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Hi, there.

I'm Tyler, owner of PeckerPacker.

My Story

We all discover we are different at some point; we can't help but compare ourselves to others around us.  It's human nature.  I remember coming home from school and asking my father why I look different than some of the other boys.  I wondered if there was maybe another sex I wasn't aware of, or if it was some sort of deformity.  Which one of us is the deformed one?!  That is the day I learned about circumcision.  I asked questions and was given the "safe for kids" version. 

I forgot all about being circumcised until I was an adult.  I'll never forget the first (and hopefully last) time I heard a baby boy getting circumcised.  It was so painful to hear.  As the elevator doors closed, I thought about the physician and nurses.  I knew them all, and I couldn't imagine these kind people strapping down a baby boy and lopping off part of his body.  It was terrifying and strange.  I did a bit of research on the matter and remembered hearing about foreskin restoration from a friend.  I thought "sounds good, maybe I'll do that sometime."

Years later, I was confronted with the reality that I was sexually abused as a child and things got rough.  I had to keep my mind busy to prevent it from unravelling, and I fell down the rabbit hole of foreskin restoration (again).  I rigged up my own tugger to try things out and I enjoyed feeling in control of myself again - plus I was keeping busy!  Other guys made their own tuggers and I wanted to make them safer, so I thought about making tutorials.  Eventually, I told my husband I was restoring and about my tutorial idea and he suggested I make a business out of it.  Why not just make the tuggers myself?

I've been at it for several years and let me tell you, it's hard work.  Every man should be happy with their body, and I help my customers along that path.  My vision is for every man to have the option to restore.  My mission is to create affordable, safe, effective foreskin restoration devices for men across the globe.  Whether you purchase from me, someone else, or nobody at all, I wish you the best.  Keep on Tuggin'!

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