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Why Choose PeckerPacker?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Unique Design

Unlike most others, my devices feature a unibody design (the two parts that hold your skin together are attached). It's easier to put on, doesn't twist, and resists slipping. Any part touching the penis is all-silicone, reducing the chance of pinching.

You'll notice my products are shaped differently than others: mine are cylindrical and spherical instead of conical. These shapes lack hard corners and tight spaces, allowing for more bloodflow and comfort.

Try Restoration On For Size

Not sure if you'll like restoring or not ready for the investment? Try out a Tugger Ball! They are affordable, simple, and damn comfortable.

Alternatively, a $100 investment gets you started with the modular Original PeckerPacker Starter Kit, which includes air and tugging attachments. Several other accessories are available with more on the way. Don't want an accessory? Don't buy it! Stop re-buying similar products for small distinctions.

Sizing Options

We currently offer glans width sizes of 25mm-55mm in 5mm increments. It can be hard to find restoration products you want in various sizes. Choose PeckerPacker for a closer, more comfortable fit. Please feel free to email me at if you're having trouble with measurements.

Safe, High-Quality Materials

Our products are made from Smooth-On Sorta-Clear 18: American-made and certified skin-safe. Leg straps, bungee cords, cord stops, et cetera are all hand-picked by me. If I don't like it, I'm not selling it.


Molds are scraped, washed, dried, and double-checked for debris between uses. Products are inspected several times, thoroughly washed, and stored in zipper-sealed bags to prevent contamination.

Discreet, International Shipping

The shipment return address will include the official company name: 3D Restoration, LLC. Your products will arrive clean, discreetly, NEVER used, and in a generic USPS box. Shipments will be described as "Silicone Device" if an explaination is required.


You've heard of see-through - we are proudly pee-through. Visit the urinal without hesitation and pee away. Each PeckerPacker is molded to include a canal to pass urine and is available to use with accessories. You'll also stay dry thanks to a smaller inner cup - this is why only the tip of your penis fits in the PeckerPacker. Leftover urine has little room to hide out and dribble or cause irritation. Just take your time with a thorough shake when done.

I'm Right There With You.

I started restoring in early 2021 at CI-1. Today, I'm proudly CI-4 with 37mm more Full Erect Coverage and a lot more sensation.

I'm regularly on Reddit at u/PeckerPacker and r/PeckerPacker. Check out some progress pics or drop me a line. And as always, KOT!

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