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PeckerPacker: Apart From The Pack

Updated: 2 days ago

Find out what makes us unique.

Unibody Design

Unlike most others, we offer a unibody design for the main device. Yes, the product is modular and yes, we do require a compression sleeve to restore. However, the device itself is one piece. It's easier to put on, doesn't twist, and resists slipping.

Sizing Options

We currently offer glans sizes 25mm-45mm in 5mm increments. It can be hard to find restoration products you want in various sizes. Choose PeckerPacker for a closer, more comfortable fit.

Safe Materials

Our products are made from Smooth-On's Sorta-Clear 18: American-made and certified skin-safe. Our Accessories include surgical steel nuts (not just stainless), medical air bulbs, and aquarium-style tubing and valves.

Professional, Discreet, and Clean

Molds are scraped, washed, dried, and blown free of debris between uses. Our product is thoroughly washed and stored in sealed bags to prevent contamination. The shipment return address will include the official company name: 3D Restoration, LLC. International shipments will additionally have in tiny print as required. Your products will arrive clean, discreetly, and NEVER used.


You've heard of see-through... we are proudly pee-through. Visit the urinal without hesitation and pee away. Each PeckerPacker is molded to include a canal to pass urine and is available to use with accessories. You'll also stay dry thanks to a smaller inner cup - this is why only the tip of your penis fits in the PeckerPacker. Leftover urine has little room to hide out and dribble. Just take your time with a thorough shake when done.

Modular (buy as you go)

The entire system costs only a few hundred dollars. That includes retaining and four methods of restoration: air, tugging, weight, and packing. Don't want an option? Don't buy it. Stop re-buying similar products for small distinctions.

I'm Right There With You.

I started restoring in early 2021 at CI-1. Two years later, I'm proudly CI-4 with 37mm more Full Erect Coverage.

I'm regularly on Reddit at u/PeckerPacker and r/PeckerPacker. Check out some progress pics or drop me a line. And as always, KOT!