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What Does a Restored Foreskin Look Like?

After removal of the foreskin, the penis operates quite differently. Instead of a gentle gliding action during sex, a jackhammer approach is required. The glans dries up, becomes keratinized, and loses sensation.

People often think the circumcised penis has absolutely zero foreskin, but that's not quite true. While there's typically not enough to cover the glans, there's usually a little bit of foreskin left near the scar line. We want to stretch and grow that remnant foreskin as much as possible.

On the left, I've stretched out my penis to demonstrate what a circumcised (or retracted) penis looks like. The image on the right is where we want coverage to go: inner foreskin covers and faces the glans to keep it moist and protected , scar is at the tip, outer to foreskin next to the scar, and shaft skin after that.

The goal of foreskin restoration is to create enough slack skin to keep the head of the penis (glans) covered. We do this by stretching the skin, also known as "tugging". Restoring your glans' protection eventually keeps it moist and supple, often enhancing sensitivity. The additional slack skin on the shaft glides over the shaft and glans, creating an incredible sensation. The skin tube gliding over the penis creates less friction during sex and is much more comfortable than rubbing away.

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